My intent is to really heal my patients and, when possible, get them off their medications. –Dr. Weinstein

In his practice, Dr. Adam Weinstein combines the latest in modern medicine with traditional values, providing patients with optimal personalized healthcare and promoting wellness and longevity with an emphasis on diet and nutrition.

Dr. Weinstein’s membership medical practice limits the number of patients in order to provide personalized and intensive healthcare beyond the usual and customary.

Dr. Weinstein involves his patients in all aspects of their healthcare, guiding them on the journey to total health by engaging them in decisions about disease prevention, treatment, nutrition, and lifestyle.

With convenient in-office testing, Dr. Weinstein uses the latest diagnostic tools to provide quick answers and direct therapy, eliminating the long wait for outpatient tests and subsequent results.

In the words of Dr. Herb Fred, one of Dr. Weinstein’s medical mentors, he approaches each patient with commitment, compassion, candor and common sense.