Rx…Meatless Monday

Rx…Small steps, one after the other, create big results. Which brings me to Meatless Mondays.

Meatless Monday is a national movement that has a huge health AND environmental impact. Fighting diseases such as diabetes and cancer as well as reducing your carbon footprint are important to all of us. Check out www.meatlessmonday.com for more information.

An EASY way to get started on your plant-based food venture is to commit to eating meatless on Mondays. Remember, small steps can get you there. Here are two great ideas to make Meatless Mondays doable and exciting:

1) Check out www.food52.com. A fantastic and thoughtful food site that offers loads of plant-based recipes. On the front page today – menu for a Vegan Dinner Party. You can also search by any number of ingredients, making it easy to use what you have on hand.

2) One of our absolute favorite restaurants in Houston is Pondicheri. Anita offers both locally sourced meat and vegetables on her menu, but on Mondays she goes TOTALLY VEGGIE. And it is delicious. Check them out at www.pondichericafe.com and see you there.

Dr. Weinstein’s orders… Make every Monday a Meatless Monday!

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