Our Program

What is a Membership Medical Practice?

Dr. Weinstein has a membership medical practice for which the patient pays an annual fee, similar to the Patient Centered Medical Home model, where he limits the number of patients in order to provide personalized and intensive healthcare beyond the usual and customary.

Why Is There A Membership Fee?

A fee is the best way to preserve the standard of care that you deserve and have come to expect from us.  We do not want to compromise our ideals and resort to an assembly-line style of practice that would severely limit our face-to-face time with you.  We will focus on a fewer number of patients and provide a higher level of personalized service.  Meaningful patient interaction is what attracted us to primary care in the first place.

The membership fee includes services that are not typically covered by health plans (non-covered services) and still allows us to continue to take your commercial insurance (including Medicare) and bill them in the traditional way.

What is Included In My Membership Fee?

     The Screening & Prevention Program Includes:

     (Please Note: These services are NOT covered by insurance.)

What is Excluded from My Membership Fee & Benefits?

Your Annual Membership Fee does not cover any additional office visits, diagnostic testing, or procedures rendered by Dr. Weinstein.  For these services, you will be responsible for the Co-Pays, Co-Insurance and/or Deductible as per your insurance coverage contract.

What Else Makes Our Practice Different?

  • Personalized Medical Care Program Focused On:
    • Screening and Prevention
    • Curing Reversible Diseases with Fewer Medications
    • Modern Technologies
    • Plant-Based Diet and Nutrition to Achieve Optimal Health and Weight Loss
    • Keeping You Healthier and Out of the Hospital
  • Time-Saving Features
    • Same Day Access
    • Convenient and Flexible Office Hours
    • Less Time Spent in the Waiting room
    • Appointments Start On Time
    • Multiple Problems Addressed at One Sitting
    • Send Prescriptions to Pharmacy Electronically
    • Email Communications
    • Computers & Internet Access in Each Exam Room
  • In-House Diagnostic & Treatment Services (These medical services are not included in the Membership Fee and will be billed to your insurance as per your insurance contract; you may be responsible for any Co-Pay, Co-Insurance, and/or Deductible)
    • ICAEL Certified Vascular Ultrasound Lab
    • Stress Tests
    • Skin Biopsies and Cryosurgery
    • Pre- and Post-Operative Bariatric Surgery Care
    • Lap Band Fills
    • Suturing
    • Pulmonary Function Testing
    • Audiology Screening
    • Bone Density Testing (DXA)
  • Specialist Care Coordination
  • Hospital Care Coordination
  • After Hours Coverage by Your Doctor
  • Attention to Detail with VIP Service
    • Spend More Time With your Doctor
    • Doctor Only Care (no Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants)
    • Limited Number of Patients in Practice
    • Calls Returned Promptly Same Day
    • Patient Education Materials
    • Electronic Medical Records
    • Notify You of All Test Results by Mail or Phone
    • Global Medical Travel Support
  • Enhanced Administrative Services
    • Appointment Reminders
    • Medical Forms Completed
    • Fax Refill Requests
    • Electronic Insurance Filing
    • Telephones Answered by Real People
    • Facebook and Twitter Accounts
    • Email Communications (for non-urgent issues)
    • Patient Advocacy

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