Our Comprehensive Head-to-Toe Physical Exam

We recommend that all of our patients get a good old-fashioned, hands-on, comprehensive physical exam performed by your doctor.  This exam helps identify cancer, diabetes, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, leukemia, anemia, parasites, kidney or liver disease, and other diseases that may not have symptoms but, when caught early, can result in better health.

This type of screening physical exam is not performed by most doctors because it is no longer a covered benefit by most insurance companies or Medicare.  As part of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Medicare and Commercial insurance decided that a complete physical exam was not medically necessary and replaced it with the “Wellness Visit.”  Their wellness visit does NOT include any physical examination or the ability to deal with new or chronic medical conditions.  

The good news is that we still do a Physical Exam as part of your membership fee, because it is one of the most important tools we have for screening and prevention of diseases.  


Commercial Insurance Wellness Visit

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit


Physical Examination of the Patient

Address any new medical problems

Address any Chronic Medical problems

Review your current Health

Review your family history

Medical Decision Making and Treatment Plan

Male Genital Exam/Prostate Exam

Female Genital Exam/Pap Smear

Done by Gyn

Vital Signs and BMI

Diet and Nutrition Info

Only for high risk

STD screening/Prevention

Only for high risk

Vaccination History and updates

Alcohol Abuse Screening

Obesity Screening

Tobacco Screening

Diabetes Screening

Only if you have high blood pressure

Cholesterol Screening

For high risk only

Depression Screening

Colorectal Cancer Screening(over age 50)

Evaluate need for daily Aspirin

Establish List of Current Medical Providers

Screening for Memory Loss

Review Functional Ability and Safety

Review Necessary Age Appropriate Screenings

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